GCC (Global Cybersecurity Camp) 2021 Experience

Ezaly Iman
3 min readFeb 9, 2021

Well, what is GCC (Global Cybersecurity Camp) Actually? GCC is an annual one-week international cybersecurity training programme. Many ASEAN countries were participating in this event like Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, Australia, and Singapore.

The Interview To Join GCC by NanoSec Malaysia


So, I need to send a cv and have an interview to get a place for joining GCC 2021. I’m very grateful as been chosen to be Malaysia representative for GCC this year. I was very excited until speechless but I’m very thankful to Nanosec members to give me opportunities to join this awesome cybersecurity camp.

I passed the interview session and was selected as a participant of GCC this year. However, this year’s GCC can only be held online due to the covid-19 pandemic that has hit the world today. But my passion for learning remained strong and I joined GCC with a full sense of joy.

The GCC opening ceremony starts on 16 January 2021. In the opening ceremony, each country needs to introduce their self to others. As for me, I tried to make it unique by speaking multiple languages, I hope the meaning of what I’m trying to say is right XD. There is so many interesting session that taught to participants.

GCC 2021 Schedule

What So Exciting About This GCC?

Of course it so exciting, first of all, I can get acquainted with many friends from another country. There are so kind, friendly, polite, wise, and pro in the cybersecurity field. I can learn many new things from them and get many ideas in doing work base on security.

Besides, I also learn much new knowledge based on cybersecurity like setting up T-Pot, basic cryptography and advance cryptography with Ghidra, how to detect a threat on your computer devices, and awesome IoT stuff.

Many awesome things happen within just 1 week, make me feel ONE WEEK IS NOT ENOUGH FOR GCC, WE NEED ONE MONTH !!!. I was very excited to learn new things, meet friends from another country, and improve my skills in the cybersecurity field until I achieve my dream in the future. This GCC also makes me realise how important a relationship with another country to make sure our performance and skills can be level up.


The conclusion is, I am very grateful to be chosen as a member of GCC 2021 and represent Malaysia along with my fellow Malaysian friend Ali, Amir, Hong Wei, Yik Han, and Wei Wei. We had a very fun and rewarding experience during our time in GCC 2021.

Also, shoutout to Nanosec head members Mr Jin Fu, Mr Tommy Wong, Mr Hafez Kamal, Mr Khoo Li Jing (LJ), and Mr Jaan Yeh that help our ways in this GCC.

This is a very awesome experience that can give us the strength to achieve our dream later.

Thank you for reading. :D


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